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The molecular change of CaCO3 through the magnetic water treatment method



Micro-particles, which exist in water, would normally be the ideal alternative 'host' for the dissolved minerals in the water, but they are surrounded by water molecules. (Fig 1.)

Water molecules surrounding the micro-particles. Calcium particles are attracted to a permanent surface, i.e., pipe walls, heating surfaces etc.

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Fig. 1

Water, passing through the specially aligned polarity of the sealed Vacodym magnets used in the magnetic water treatment units, becomes transformed.


Resonance causes the separation of the positive and negative charged water molecules and releases the previously surrounded micro-particle (Fig. 2 ).

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Fig. 2

The micro-particle now becomes the ideal 'host' for the loose calcium particles, allowing them to adhere to it, opposed to rough or heated surfaces (Fig. 3).


These new micro-crystals will now prevent the build-up of calcium upon calcium - the primary cause of limescale build-up.

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Fig. 3

Removal of existing limescale deposits


These 'host' micro-crystals (Fig. 3) will now circulate Within the pipeline system ensuring free calcium particles adhere to them and no longer join up with each other.


They will also assist existing limescale deposits to become porous, break up into minute fragments and float out with the water in suspension.

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Fig. 4

Proving the science - crystallisation test


As water evaporates it is possible to observe the Crystallisation of the CaCO3 through an electronic microscope (Fig 4) shows the crystallisation before the magnetic water treatment (fig 5) shows the crystallisation after the treatment.


Clearly the CaCO3 changes from one crystalline structure to another. The molecular change of CaCO3 through the use of the magnetic water treatment method.


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Fig. 5

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