Quality Assurance for the Aqua Unique Magnetic water treatment


Guarantee conditions:

A extra 5 years warranty is provided to cover the magnetic function. 12 month guarantee of repurchase, if the function, according to the Consumer Guide, is not obtained.

Quality testing:

All magnet systems are tested for correct composition and energy retention (magnetism) prior to final manufacturing. All water treatment systems are tested up to 15 bar pressure prior to delivery.

compatible technique:

The magnetic water treatment method is a 100 % environmentally compatible, chemical free, system for the treatment of water containing calcium and magnesium. The system is also well qualified for a number of other liquids.


Under treatment, the composition of water remains unchanged thus the smell, taste and physical appearance is unaffected. The technique is based solely on magnetic technology. All water treatment units are constructed without causing pressure loss, which would lead to water turbulence (cavitation) and the release of aggressive Co2. Therefore there is no risk of corrosion damage. In addition the system builds up a layer of protective oxides (i.e. Fe2O3) which further reduces corrosion damage.

Company profile:

Production of high quality magnetic water treatment systems is undertaken in Denmark by:


Aqua Unique

Overholmvej 8 B

DK-8722 Hedensted

Phone: +45 75 899999 

Fax: +45 75 899990


Sale and distribution in Germany is undertaken by, Aqua Unique Wassertechnik GmbH. World wide export and local Norwegian sales is undertaken by, Aqua Unique Norway AS.

product range:

Cold and hot water: AU 1 – AU 160 (DN 15 - DN 50)

The standard unit is supplied with brass muff connections, an inner tube constructed of acid-proof stainless steel (type SAF 2304) and a PVC outer protective cover. The magnetic system is completely sealed by dezincified resistant brass (type CuZn 37). As the magnetic field is 100 % screened, it will not affect other instruments or devices, e.g. magnetically transformed counter systems/transmitters.

All standard products are supplied in environmentally friendly packaging and include detailed installation instructions and consumer guidance.

Industrial product range:

Cold and hot water: AU 227 – AU 1400 (DN 65 – DN 350) The industrial programme is supplied in galvanized steel with flange connections: DN 65-100 flanges correspond to DIN 2576B. DN 125-350 flanges correspond to DIN 2633. The magnetic system is completely sealed by dezincified resistant brass (type CuZn 37).



All industrial products are supplied in durable wood cases and include detailed installation and working instructions/manuals.



All products are constructed with special high energy magnets (NEODYM) with an energy retention of approx. 250kj/m3 and a remanence of 11,500 gaus. Maximum energy loss is less than 1 % per 10 years. The NEODYM magnets function with a temperature range from - 40º C to 100º C.

Overholmvej 8 B - DK-8722 Hedensted - Tlf.: (+45) 75 89 99 99 - Fax: (+45) 75 89 99 90

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