Aqua Unique Scale Control Unit

To protection against scaling on oil separators


Every vessel carries separators for cleaning of fuel oil for the diesel engines on board. A common problem is that lime scale quickly precipitates in the operation water system, due to the high temperature >90° C., leading to poor efficiency and finally break down of the separator. Following the disks, valves, nozzles and operation bowl has to be cleaned manually by hand, causing extra manpower and increased spare part consumption.


Traditionally this problem is solved by regular mechanical cleaning or regular dosage of expensive chemicals causing damage to our environment. In addition to this, water softening systems (softeners) most commonly lead to a more aggressive water quality and following corrosion problems for the equipment connected.


The simple environmental friendly solution

The special designed Aqua Unique Scale Control Unit offers a unique and 100 % environmental friendly solution to scaling problems on fuel oil separators. The technology has been undergoing extensive research and development combined with a number of long term field tests under extreme conditions. This to assure our customers the well known Aqua Unique product quality ensuring high performance, long life expectancy and maintenance free operation year upon year.




• Improved separation efficiency

• Saves man-hours on manual cleaning

• Lower consumption of spare parts

• 100 % environmental friendly technology

• Long life expectancy

• Easy installation

• No maintenance/spare parts

• Cost effective


Field test results

Long-term tests have shown incredible results:


Case before installation of AU SCU Technology:

The operation water system was absolutely damaged by lime stone deposits after as little as 500 hours of operation, requiring up to 12 hours of mechanical cleaning and replacement of spare parts.


Case after installation of AU SCU Technology:

The separators were fully operative until the regular prescribed 3.000 hours all-round service. Even after 6 times the normal operation time, the inspection showed no sign of lime stone, only a thin, smooth and porous lime coating, that easily could be wiped away with a cloth, was to be observed. It should be noted that the remaining lime did not affect the efficiency of the fuel oil separator.

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