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Aqua Unique Scale Control Unit

Marine applications


The Aqua Unique SCU Units offers a unique and 100 % environmental friendly solution to a range of scaling problems in sanitary and process installations. The technology is undergoing continuously extensive research and development combined with long term field tests under extreme conditions.

This to assure our customers the well known Aqua Unique product quality ensuring high performance, long life expectancy and maintenance free operation year upon year.


Aqua Unique SCU Units can be particularly effective in cases where water contains a substantial amount of carbonates (temporary hardness) in relation to sulphates and chlorides (permanent hardness). Lime scale problems seldom occur in instances where water contains small amounts of carbonates.


High energy consumption, reduced efficiency and premature replacement of equipment


Problems such as high energy consumption and poor efficiency, caused by lime scale build-up in heating and cooling processes equipment, can amongst others be experienced in:


• Water Heaters                                                  • Condensers

• Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE's)                           • Air-conditioning

• Steam Vessels                                                  • Circulation Pumps

• Booster Pumps                                                 • Cooling Towers

• Cooling Circulation systems                               • Steam Ovens

• High Pressure Cleaners (hot water)                    • Steam Cookers

• Industrial Coffee/Hot Drinks Machines                • Washing Machines




In addition to higher energy consumption and poor efficiency, lime scale build-up may also lead to premature maintenance and renovation (i.e. acid-cleaning, early replacement of parts etc.). Often even total replacement of equipment may be necessary.


Equipment that is especially vulnerable to hard, marble-like lime scale deposits include:


• Fuel/Lube Oil Separators                   • Electric Heating Elements

• PHE's plates                                     • Heating Coils                                   

• Cooling Pipes/Coils                           • Cooling Equipment

• Mixing Valves                                   • Dosage equipment


Furthermore, lime scale blockages can lead to pressure loss and water supply problems, as well as the premature replacement of pipe-lines, valves, pumps etc.

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